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Dec 6, 2012 4:00am PST
for morning sickness. the duchess smiled as she left tinged edward the seventh hospital alongside her husband prince william. the couple's office says says she would head to kensington palace in london for a period of rest. royal officials have said that tate is lesson 12 weeks pregnant. if she was admitted to the hospital on monday. >> a legend of jazz music has died. dave brubeck died of heart failure yester day. just one day before he became 92 years old. the pianist and composer was born here in the bay area in concord. he is regarded as one of america's greatest jazz musicians. he became known for his exotic, challenging rhythms in music pieces such as take sides. he broke racial barriers, playing in a black jazz clubs in the deep south in the 1950's. he refused to play in segregated been used. >> the wet weather is passing and we are watching the weather come through and we will have the next on your morning commute.
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am PST
edward the seventh hospital. >> a police officer says three notes were found in the room. >> the deejays call lost the last week presented to the queen elizabeth and prince charles. >> the two deejays spoke out saying they were " shattered by the news. >> internet software anti virus pioneer john mcafee is back in the nine states this morning. >> he arrived in miami late yesterday afternoon after being held in immigration detention in guatemala. >> the 67 year-old 7 hiding for weeks in guatemala because of partisan police were seeking to question him about the killing of his neighbor. >> he insisted he had nothing to do with his neighbors that and he says he was seeking asylum in guatemala to avoid police persecution. >> the deadly accident on the bridge will have that information more it is just coming in. erica will follow-up. and she will give details in a minute. >> 31 degrees and hayward very cold there warmer to 54 this afternoon. =dj we're back is 4:30. he is a live look at the bay bridge were we are seeing traffic is fine. it is cold. we will talk about the weather in a m
Dec 19, 2012 4:00am PST
two teenage girls. >> prosecutors said 18 year- old diandtay paul and 19 year-old antonio edwards are being charged in the shooting deaths of 15 year- old raquel gerstel and 16 year-old bobbyl sasartain on november 26th. >> sentencing has been delayed for a man convicted of gunning down his ex- girlfriend and her friend in richmond san rafeal bridge toll plaza in 2009. >> nathan burris was convicted of to a count of murder last month for stalking and killing toll taker debra of ross and bus driver ersie everett on august 5, 2009. >> burris his attorney say that the client, who represented himself as this trial, was not in the park roberts and his teeth to prepare for the hearing. >> the sentencing has been continue to january 18th. >> the russian parliament pulmonary authorization to ban the adoption of russian children by americans known of on what is motivating that move. >> it is right at the freezing mark in novato the coldest temperatures will be sigfound in the north bay. it will be a chilly wind. we will be right >> we're back at 4:4 for0. too many players on the field among th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3